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Introduction: the nature of the state in the modern theory of state and law is often reduced to its social purpose, which greatly impoverishes the category of the essence and does not allow to move on the path of knowledge the most profound moment of the essence of the state. The purpose of the study is to find the most adequate approach to the Pro-process of cognition of the state in which, as shown by the representatives of the dialectical method, the human mind, infinitely deeper he moves from lying on the surface of phenomena to their essence, from essence of the first order, to the essence of the second order, etc. without end until the basis of the phenomenon, which is understood as the most profound moment of its essence. The methodological basis of the work amounted to a philosophical analysis of the categories of «essence» and «phenomenon», a collection of dialectical, metaphysical and systematic research methods, as well as the teleological approach. In accordance with him all the objects and phenomena of the objective world contains the potential, inherent purpose of their existence that they seek to implement in the course of its development. Results: reasonably author’s position with respect to the original reason of existence of the state as politically organized society, the purpose of its existence and the hierarchy of values which it is intended to serve in the course of its existence and development. Conclusions: the idea of full de facto sovereignty is a political entity of the state, including all the remaining levels of his nature — anthropological, ontological, social, national-cultural.

Key-words: essence, phenomenon, purpose, state the nature of the state, the goal state, the form and content of state sovereignty.


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